Jamie Pruden

Jamie Pruden


Edmonton Fantasy Artist – James (Jamie) Benjamin Pruden born december 20, 1965. in Edmonton Alberta. I was always a child with an active imagination. I think I spent more childhood time playing with an “imaginary friend” than with other kids. as long as i could remember i had a love for science fiction, comic books, horror movies, and fantasy. i had an imagination that would take me away all the time. i could never focus in school. i could never focus on long conversations. the moment i was still for more than 5 minutes i was off in some imaginary world. i would often read books and comics and end up putting the book down and take myself into a world the book or comic started with, and create my own series of events and action and adventure. then i wanted to take the thoughts from my head and see them in front of me. i would trace from coloring books and comics. as i traced colored, i made the spitty laser gun and explosion sounds as if the things i was tracing were alive. one day i traced a picture of a dog from a coloring book, i was 7 at the time, and gave it to my grade 2 teacher. (i was constantly in trouble with my teacher for not paying attention in class…..that whole imagination thing…) i thought giving her a picture of something cute would make her like me. as i gave it to her i said “I drew this for you!” 
the response i got was not what i was hoping for. she stood me up in front of the class held up the picture and said aloud”class,..your attention please!,.. Jamie just gave me this saying he drew this for me. this is not drawing something, this is tracing something.” that night as  i laid in my bed, i drifted off to sleep with tears in my eyes. ……then came the dream. back in those days there was a popular brand of shoes called HUSH PUPPIES. on T.V. the ads had this big droopy eyed basset hound. i dreamed that i drew this dog. but it was weird….. i was noticing every detail…..i was understanding the concept of hat detail was…i was understanding what patience and time meant in drawing something. i envisioned myself looking at not the dog as a whole but all his details. the light glistening off his nose. how his nose was made up of hundreds of little circles. i noticed not just the different levels of how the light glistened in his eyes but how many different shaded and reflections of things in the room were in the wetness of his eyes….the next morning, at the breakfast table,  i drew the dog. my days of tracing were over. in humiliating me, this teacher,…she made me an artist. from that moment on i spent countless hours in my bedroom rather than outside playing. sitting at a desk in my room, drawing. monsters, werewolves, cowboys, Conan the barbarians and Batmans and Supermans. seeing my passion for fantasy art, my parents started buying my painting sets. paint by numbers at first, then blank canvasses, brushes and oil paints.By grade 3 i did my first oil painting. it was a mountain scenery. as proud as i was for accomplishing it, i still didn’t feel it was what i wanted to paint. i just thought painting vases and flowers and fruit , was boring.  i saw the Planet of the apes movies and was an instant fan of them all. i spent hours drawing them.  i would draw ape faces on paper cut them out and tape them to my face so i could be one. then one day i went to the movie theater and saw STAR WARS. all i could think about was how awesome the movie was not just for its story but for all the cool looking creatures it had in the movie. i got every magazine i could so i could look at the characters and teach my self to draw them. i could go up to a chalkboard in class and whip off a Chewbacca in no time! i realized at this point, my passion was in fantasy art. i did portraits and found people were way to quick to criticize. the humorist in me loved doing cartoons, as they were a means for me to poke fun or find a laugh if i need one. but fantasy art…wow. there were no limitations. i could paint anything i wanted. anything. all i had to do, was imagine it. freedom. for years my art has been something i simply did for my own enjoyment. the problem i had was that i had such an active imagination.that i would be halfway through a picture and a new idea would take over, and i would have to start that picture before i lost it. next thing i knew, i had 30 pics unfinished. the amount of detail i would put into a drawing , sometimes it would take over a couple of years to complete a piece. then my mom got sick. terminal. as i sat at night in the hospice, i bided my time by working on these 30 unfinished drawings. my mom passed in 9 weeks. i finished all 30 before she died. i wanted to show her i could finish something i started. i posted the pictures on Facebook© and received an overwhelming positive response to my art. people began to push me to share my art with the world. so a passion i started when i was a child of 7,…is a passion i would like to share at 50. as one of Edmonton’s fantasy artists, i truly hope you enjoy my passion of fantasy art and comic book fan art as much as i enjoy creating it! thank you – Jamie Pruden

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